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About us

Innovative Operations

Every business is different. Our unique background of successful projects helps us work best in every environment.

Clean Code

Invest time writing clean code. Don't waste time with each new hire on the same old confusions.

Unique Designs

There are endless choices to stand up your business using simple, inexpensive templates. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction! When you need something that nobody else has, we are here for you.

Creative People

You're doing something new. Your solution doesn't exist yet. Let's think of a great way to implement it.

Building a product is a delicate balance between budget, time, and team. Identifying what is most important, and iterating quickly is imperitive to success. Focus on the right features, build the right foundation, and save time and money.

At Curious we love data. We can assist you with building proprietary tools and implementing open source tools to track your application data. This provides extra insight, while letting your team focus on your core features.

Budget 88%

Time 78%

Team 82%

Release solid features faster

What we do?

Our Services

Flexibility built in

Solutions are tailored to you. There is no "one size fits all" during the creative process. Whether you need code written, teams trained, or general guidance on product direction, we can provide you the edge to stay ahead.

Minimum Viable Product

It's a great idea to verify a market exists before you spend all your investment on your product. Find out the minimum number of features to prove your concept, and start making sales.

Development Process

Keep things moving in the right direction. Find the bottleneck, and let your team get back to work.


Are you breaking new ground? Do you need a proof of concept to attract some investment dollars? We can innovate with you and build what you need to prove your idea is real.


Keep your team working on your core product. We will automate all the tasks that take focus away from your final goal.

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By narrowing down the pain points of a target business, we were able to develop an application that helped an industry become more efficient.

Product Development


To prove a concept, we created a prototype. Then we redefined the features and functions of the system from live customer feedback.

Minimum Viable Product


With significant market research, we implemented a web application providing users the required features to manage their power.

Minimum Viable Product


By moving away from older deployment techniques and source control systems, we improved the ability to be productive with a remote team.

Development Workflow

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